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IMHS Changes for a Brighter Future

IMHS, like our area in general, is going through some changes. Change is hard for most people. We try to embrace it and roll with it as opportunities for growth and learning but it doesn't mean it is easy. And for whatever reason in life, everything happens at once. You may have heard that we need a new animal adoption and transfer van--one that can handle the rigors of our roads and weather. ​ We've had new staff, new leadership, new volunteers and board members all since April. All the new folks bring new backgrounds and experience but the big thing is passion! We are thrilled to have new blood and new ideas! There is still room for YOU though. We have at least 3 spots open on the Board of

New Shelter Manager Alysha Stein

New Shelter Manager Alysha Stein--please welcome her! Alysha Stein moved to the beautiful state of Colorado from Upstate New York in May of 2014. She has spent most of her career focused on her passion for the well being and care of animals. From volunteering at her local humane society as a teenager to managing a boarding kennel that also rescued kill-shelter dogs from New York City, it has been Alysha's goal from a very young age to better the lives of all animals. From the kennel she moved on to working with a canine behaviorist on his farm, gaining experience not only in the world of dogs but with horses, goats and sheep. After years of invaluable experience Alysha and her husband decide

Aspire to Inspire

IMHS Represent! I recently had the opportunity and privilege to represent IMHS at BlogPaws, a companion pet convention for bloggers, vets, social media and other experts in the pet industry. The benefits of this conference to IMHS are actually too numerous to list here, but I'd like to point out a key few to help better engage our volunteers and community. Networking: ALL of us are ambassadors for IMHS. If you are staff, volunteer, board member or even an infrequent donor to IMHS, why you do what you do for us is important. When you meet others and they ask you what you do, imagine how wonderful it would be to say something like "I work at a bank but my passion is volunteering at Intermounta

Donate Pet Food at Pine Country Feed

Donate Pet Food the Easy Way with our local Business partner, Pine Country Feed. Did you know that all of IMHS animal food is DONATED??!! It is true! And since we rely heavily on donated food we sometimes get things that we can't use. We only use really good quality food for cats and dogs, with limited ingredients, no fillers and no colors. If the food has multi-colors it is not good quality kibble so that goes into our give-away community food bank program. So, how to get good quality food for the IMHS animals easily? We have a pet food partner of Pine Country Feed. Pine Country Feed has made it easy to buy our food by just adding it to your tab there. You can add it on to your accoun

June Volunteers of the Month

Thanks to Leah Vick and Molly Monahan for all of your hard work and dedication this June. We hope you enjoy a movie on a hot day! Thanks to Alamo Movie Drafthouse in the Aspen Grove center in Littleton for sponsoring our Volunteers of the month.

Business Partner: Splintered Forest

Many thanks for the new donation from our wonderful business partner and donor Splintered Forest! Splintered Forest purchased IMHS new ADOPT ME vests for events and just hiking around. The vests have our logo and a pocket for business cards or donations. This disgruntled kitty was not a happy model but luckily she does have a happy home and is not available for adoption. Our animals will gratefully wear them in style and raise awareness for IMHS. We thank Splintered Forest for their generosity. All IMHS folks, please support those who support us! Visit the Splintered Forest website for more info on how they can help mitigate and beautify your property.

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