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We love our Volunteers!

How much do we love our volunteers? Let us count the ways using superstar Gianni as an example of their daily feats of devotion to homeless pets. 1. His willingness to work with all of the animals, shy or rambunctious, quiet or loud, and give them what they need to succeed. 2. Always lending a hand, scooping cat boxes or dog poop & washing dishes and refilling water bowls. 3. Being on call to fill in when there are gaps in the schedule or just taking the time to bring a dog hiking at a local park. 4. Spreading the word about our adoptables & mission…and… 5. Adopting one himself! Congrats to Gianni and Bella (Blubird.) We are so glad we could help you two find each other.

And a huge “Thank You!!” to all of our volunteers for everything that you do! You make us proud to serve this community.


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