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Thanks to you! We've come a long way in the last couple years. We've leapt over several hurdles to hit some major milestones. It's all because of you, our volunteers and donors, YOU our dedicated support group. As a small rural animal welfare shelter we can only operate with the support of the community and 2019 proved to be the mark of that support. A Home of our Own The other day I invested a little time in reviewing about 5 years of minutes from the board of directors. I wanted to learn if there was any wisdom I could glean from them that we could apply as we move forward. It revealed two things, one was the dedication of past directors and volunteers to ensure that operations were a

A Life Fit for a Queen

Imagine a life filled with uncertainty. Imagine having been struck by a vehicle and left on the side of the road. Imagine the reality of being infected with a parasite that would eventually take your life if left untreated. Now, imagine all of that changing with numerous acts of kindness from those you had never met… A Hard Knock Life The events above are hard for most of us to envision, but for one dog, they were her reality. Elsa, a one and a half year old husky mix, was struck by a vehicle and left on the side of the road. When Elsa was found, it was decided that the only way to save her was to amputate the severely broken and mangled leg. Aztec Animal Shelter in New Mexico took a chance

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