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Head out to the hoedown! 8/26 Cause4Paws

It is going to be a rootin' tootin' good time! OK, I won't try to write like a sideshow barker from the Old West. But believe me, this is going to be the BEST Cause4Paws EVER. We've always had fun in the past but this year will take the cake. We've revamped the whole thing. We made it a night time event. We made it a themed event. It is a HOEDOWN in a real working barn, thanks to our great volunteers and hosts Bob and Karen Burden. We got rid of the silent auction stuff so you could focus on the party. We added ticket sales to boost the money coming in. We've got a feel good country-western band, the Rowdy Country Combo, playing for us. We've expanded our wine pull to have more wine and adde

Fall is in the Air. Back to school. Back to volunteering for IMHS

Typically our busiest time for both events and gaining new, but temporary, volunteers is the Summer. We see a lot of families want to give their extra summer hours to us. Then when school starts we tend to lose volunteers. Breaking with tradition, this year we are hoping to get new volunteers who want to embrace that 'everything is possible/back to school' spirit! Back to school time is a great time to get in the routine of doing something new. We are hoping the excitement in the air of Autumn and back to school brings out new engagement and involvement from folks like YOU! Students need volunteering time on their resume to show they are well-rounded for college. Some of our best vols are g

Trails for Tails Hike-a-thon a BIG success!

IMHS wants to thank everyone who made this new event possible and a success. We look forward to doing this every year. To Staunton State Park for being our co-host and to Park Ranger Lew for giving an informative presentation on the wilderness of Staunton as well as good reminders on keeping the park safe by keeping your dogs on their leash. To our first time volunteer photographer David Tobias for spending the day making us look good! (Full album available on Facebook) To our sponsors Petsafe, Kong, Kurgo and Bentgate for the awesome gear to give to our fundraisers and as door prizes and thanks too to the Conifer Starbucks for our coffee in the am! To Ellen Feller who schooled all of us on


Animal enrichment is always something that weighs heavily on the minds of everyone involved with animal rescue. Sure, we take care of all their physical needs – food, water, shelter, exercise and vet care – but everyone knows there is more to caring for an animal than that. Via our enrichment programs, IMHS attempts to provide both mental and physical stimulation, which in turn increases the behavioral wellness of our animals. The better the behavior, the more adoptable the animal will be, pure and simple. That’s why IMHS is happy to announce we’ve initiated an Agility Enrichment Program for our dogs. Why dog agility? WHY NOT?! According to Jessica Hein, Certified Dog Trainer of Sit.St

Volunteer of the Month: Lindsey Marsh

Lindsey Marsh began volunteering for the shelter over a year ago when she became a night time dog walker. Every Wednesday night she and sometimes her husband, became regular dog walkers. At some point Lindsey then got into volunteering for more events like adoptions and fundraising. Her background was perfect as she is a wedding planner for the Deer Creek Valley Ranch Event Center. Lindsey became the Chairperson of the Fundraising Committee and has done so much to help raise money for IMHS. She was instrumental in creating our first ever Trails for Tails Hike-A-Thon at Staunton State Park on July 23rd, 2017.It was a wonderful event and will become an annual fundraiser as it brought in

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