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Donate Pet Food at Pine Country Feed

Donate Pet Food the Easy Way with our local Business partner, Pine Country Feed. Did you know that all of IMHS animal food is DONATED??!! It is true! And since we rely heavily on donated food we sometimes get things that we can't use. We only use really good quality food for cats and dogs, with limited ingredients, no fillers and no colors. If the food has multi-colors it is not good quality kibble so that goes into our give-away community food bank program. So, how to get good quality food for the IMHS animals easily? We have a pet food partner of Pine Country Feed. Pine Country Feed has made it easy to buy our food by just adding it to your tab there. You can add it on to your account and they put it in to an IMHS food account. They know what we need and make it easy for you to buy it for us, either once or repeatedly, week after week, month after month. And it isn't just food but cat milk replacement and pine pellets. Pine Country Feed knows everything we need so just tell them you want to donate to IMHS and they'll make it easy!

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