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New Shelter Manager Alysha Stein

New Shelter Manager Alysha Stein--please welcome her!

Alysha Stein moved to the beautiful state of Colorado from Upstate New York in May of 2014. She has spent most of her career focused on her passion for the well being and care of animals. From volunteering at her local humane society as a teenager to managing a boarding kennel that also rescued kill-shelter dogs from New York City, it has been Alysha's goal from a very young age to better the lives of all animals. From the kennel she moved on to working with a canine behaviorist on his farm, gaining experience not only in the world of dogs but with horses, goats and sheep. After years of invaluable experience Alysha and her husband decided that their talk of moving west needed to become a reality and upon moving she began working as a veterinary technician at Aspen Park Veterinary Hospital.

Here at Intermountain Humane Society, Alysha hopes to put her years of experience in the care of animals from all walks of life into action to benefit the local community and their beloved pets, including those they have yet to meet, for years to come.


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