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IMHS Changes for a Brighter Future

IMHS, like our area in general, is going through some changes. Change is hard for most people. We try to embrace it and roll with it as opportunities for growth and learning but it doesn't mean it is easy. And for whatever reason in life, everything happens at once.

You may have heard that we need a new animal adoption and transfer van--one that can handle the rigors of our roads and weather.

We've had new staff, new leadership, new volunteers and board members all since April. All the new folks bring new backgrounds and experience but the big thing is passion! We are thrilled to have new blood and new ideas!

There is still room for YOU though. We have at least 3 spots open on the Board of Directors and several committee chair openings. Contact Lisa Hoffman, IMHS Volunteer Coordinator, to learn how you can help. One thing we aren't changing, just expanding, is our Cause for Paws Silent Auction. We are hoping you'll come out and meet us at our biggest event of the year: The Second Annual Cause for Paws, August 20, 2016, at the Twin Forks Tavern.

This is the one time in the year the whole IMHS community comes together to have fun and support the only shelter in the foothills area anywhere from Golden to Buena Vista!

We'll be hosted by the great folks at Twin Forks Tavern and entertained by the band Kicked to the Curb! Besides the traditional silent auction, we'll also have a wine pull and a paddle auction game to help separate you from your money. PetSmart will in attendance with their PetExpressions team to help gussy up your animal (but please don't bring anyone afraid of crowds or loud music!).

Also, you'll learn how to best get involved and support the shelter, including purchasing a membership and/or a grocery store reloadable card. We'll have logo-gear for sale and want to take a BIG group photo of everyone at the event to get on our website and future promotions. Honestly, it is just one big party!

The fellowship of getting all of our supporters together can't be beat! If you want to know more please follow the event on our Facebook page.

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