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Frosty cat, Living His Best Life!

It is said that cats have nine lives. A myth born in Ancient Egypt, where cats were sometimes revered as gods. In modern times it is known that cats, like all creatures, have just one life. However, their unique characteristics, amazing hunting skills, extraordinary survival instincts, and regal appearance still give felines an aura of godliness unmatched by other animals. Yet every year, thousands of cats find themselves the victims of abuse or neglect. And thousands more find themselves without a home. For one cat, both of these facts were true.

Unfortunate Circumstances

Like so many cats, Frosty came to Intermountain Humane Society in a desperate state. He was one of three cats left behind when his previous owners moved away. His two housemates were safely picked-up by the new family and brought to IMHS where they were quickly adopted. However, Frostywas proving to be a touch more difficult to capture. The new family was persistent and eventually Frosty was caught, but not before he had suffered a serious injury. In the few weeks Frosty found himself without a home, he had been shot with a pellet in the temple. Upon getting to IMHS, the injury had begun to get infected. Frosty needed immediate medical attention.

Beating the Odds

Frosty underwent two surgeries in an effort to properly heal his skull and the surrounding tissue. He battled an infection after the first medical procedure when the wound became abscessed. After a few months of watchful determination by staff to ensure he would completely heal, Frosty was given the “All clear” by the vet and was deemed 100% healthy (although a bit chunky). It was a wonderful day for both staff and cat!

An Unconventional Family

After the long road to recovery, the staff at Intermountain had become very attached to Frosty. They noticed that he fought the other cats for attention and only seemed content when someone was scratching his chin. Because he was becoming an issue in the cattery, Frosty was moved to the administration offices. The rest, as they say, is history. Frosty does not have a nuclear family like many of the cats that get adopted from a shelter. He now has so much more! His family includes staff members and a rotating group of friendly felines that get to come and hang out in the office if they’re lucky. He spends his days greeting people, testing new dogs for “Kitty Likability”, and sleeping contently on his tower. On occasion, he’s been known to beg for some lunch from unsuspecting staff members and “rearrange” desks to his liking. One thing is for certain, this cat is living his best life!


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