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Lost & Found

One of our main focuses is to reunite dogs and cats with their families.  If you have found or lost an animal, please call (303-838-2668) or email the shelter. Please provide a picture, a description, and last location seen. You may also fill out an online form here.

Please provide as many details as possible, so that we can reunite the animal with its family as soon as possible. 

Some additional tips: 

If you have lost an animal - 

  • Put out something that smells like you on your porch to help his/her nose find your scent.  This could be a blanket, jacket, pillow, etc. 

  • If your cat is missing, put his/her litter box outside.  Look up in nearby trees; if a cat gets spooked, it may climb up a tree and get stuck.  If you see your cat in a tree, lean a ladder up against the tree and place "smelly" wet food (such as tuna or sardines) at the bottom of it.

  • Contact your local county animal control

  • Check with Foothills Animal Shelter (Jefferson County) as well as IMHS.

  • Post on Pinecam, Facebook lost & found groups, and NextDoor for your neighborhood.

  • Alert your microchip company, if your animal is chipped. 

If you have found an animal - 

  • Contact your county's animal control.

  • Have the animal checked for a chip (Any vet or shelter can read chips).

  • Check on Pinecam, Facebook, and Nextdoor for a post.

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