Lost & Found

One of our main focuses is to reunite dogs and cats with their families.  If you have found or lost an animal, please fill out our lost & found form.  We ask that you provide a picture, as well as a description.  

Please provide as many details as possible, so that we can reunite the animal with its family as soon as possible. 

Some additional tips: 

If you have lost an animal - 

  • Put out something that smells like you on your porch to help his/her nose find your scent.  This could be a blanket, jacket, pillow, etc. 

  • If your cat is missing, put his/her litter box outside.  Look up in nearby trees; if a cat gets spooked, it may climb up a tree and get stuck.  If you see your cat in a tree, lean a ladder up against the tree and place "smelly" wet food (such as tuna or sardines) at the bottom of it.

  • Contact your local county animal control

  • Check with Foothills Animal Shelter (Jefferson County) as well as IMHS.

  • Post on Pinecam, Facebook lost & found groups, and NextDoor for your neighborhood.

  • Alert your microchip company, if your animal is chipped. 

If you have found an animal - 

  • Contact your county's animal control.

  • Have the animal checked for a chip (Any vet or shelter can read chips).

  • Check on Pinecam, Facebook, and Nextdoor for a post.

Again - please fill out our online form if you have found or lost a dog or cat!