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Foster! It's Good for Your Soul

And, you might just save a life in the process!

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Fostering… It’s an important way in which You can help us achieve our mission!

Fostering is probably a term with which you are familiar, but you may not know how impactful it can be to our mission of finding forever homes for animals that are homeless.

Intermountain Human Society is a relatively small community shelter with the capacity to only house about 7 to 10 dogs responsibly at any given time. When fully staffed, our fostering program allows us to move anywhere from 200 to 300 dogs per year improving the health and wellness of older and special needs pets.

We’re serious about our foster program and that’s for good reason!

The application process for foster parents is purposefully stringent to ensure the animals that qualify for foster care are routed to the best homes possible to suit their individual needs. For prospective foster parents, the process begins with filling out an application that includes a personal reference section and a screening of these personal references who can attest to the individual’s integrity. After the paper application and personal references have been given a green light, a home check is set up which involves a house visit by a senior member of the IMHS staff.

The comfort and well-being of each and every animal we place in a foster home is paramount to our mission. Among many factors, details in deciding who will be the ideal foster parent include homes with fenced in yards, and safe conditions for each animal. These conditions vary depending up on individual circumstances for both the animal and prospective foster. For example, a rambunctious puppy might have individual enrichment and growth needs that are starkly different from an aging older dog that flourishes best in a quiet, peaceful environment.

You’re not on your own, we’re here to support your efforts.

Foster parents are showered with a variety of benefits and resources to help them in caring for all the animals they foster. For example, shelters are often home to many “high risk” animals that struggle with health, wellness, and behavioral issues. Therefore, medical care and regular check-ups are provided by Sano Animal Hospital in Conifer to minimize any financial burden on the part of the foster parent. We also assist our foster parents with food and life necessities and ensure you are fully aware of every animal’s condition. For community members who have a desire to help without the life-long commitment of adoption, our fostering program provides a fulfilling gateway for helping and connecting with animals, while maintaining the well-being and overall health of our animals.

For cats and dogs who border on the fragile state of mind, living in a foster home allows them a personalized, quiet, and peaceful experience to escape the noise and hectic living environment that is all too often found in shelters. As a foster, you provide them with the opportunity to bond and connect with other humans, as well as, other home pets and children to develop into ideal pets for their future owners.

Become a foster, you will benefit beyond simply helping out.

We’re told over and over again that fostering is one of the most gratifying actions an animal welfare advocate can experience. All of us get attached to the animals we care for, but we are rewarded many times over by witnessing the joy of sending an animal to their forever home.

If you can’t adopt, consider fostering an animal in need!

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