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Our Exciting Plans for the Future...

Help us expand to better address the needs of our rapidly growing community.

On Tuesday, one week from today, Colorado Gives Day will support hundreds of nonprofit organizations across our state. We hope you choose us for your annual gift, because on Monday, the Board of Directors, along with key staff and volunteers are engaging in a strategic planning process designed to solidify an exciting plan for the future.

We've Come A Long way in 37 Years!

Continuously growing our operations, we have evolved into a socially conscious animal shelter working with other Colorado shelters and local community partners to create the best outcomes for animals who are homeless, as well as, the families who adopt them.

We continuously strive to foster a culture of transparency, ethical decision making, mutual respect, continual learning, and collaboration. We work hard to enhance the human-animal bond through safe placements and post adoption support. We are the only animal shelter from Golden to Buena Vista, we partner with animal control agencies and other animal welfare organizations across the state and annually adopt out over 600 animals per year. From our small rural shelter, this year alone we have placed nearly 500 dogs and cats in loving homes, improving the lives of both the pet and their new found families.We do this work with very limited resources.

All animals that come within our care are spayed or neutered and given any appropriate vaccinations and medical care. In addition to dog and cat adoptions, we also serve as a community resource for animal welfare education and advocacy.

The majority of veterinary services for our animals are donated and/or are provided at nominal cost. A paid staff of six, an all-volunteer Board of Directors, and a group of over 100 dedicated volunteers offer the administrative, retail, animal care, and technical expertise needed to protect and improve the lives of animals in our care and the people of our community. But we can do so much more!

Strategy Development Leads to Greater Community Impact

Our goal for strategic planning is to develop 3 to 5 high level strategic initiatives to work on over the next 3 to 5 years. But there are already some goals we know are important. As part of our overarching strategy to become a greater community partner, we are expanding programming to better address community need.

This year we have begun partnering with Platte Canyon School District to present a new animal welfare education program for children. We are partnering with several senior centers and retirement facilities to enrich the lives of residents through the unique animal-human bond. Furthermore we have expanded our activities for pets lost in the community and we also actively work to re-home animals whose owners circumstances prevent them from keeping their beloved pets; helping out community members in nearly 4 dozen cases this year alone.

Most importantly, we understand we need to reorganize our facilities for better efficiency and effectiveness. So our first step is to expand the thrift shop in an effort to improve revenue, which will fund additional programming. In order to create this additional space, we are retrofitting the log cabin we acquired with the property to use as administrative offices. To better assist the community, we greatly need additional kennel space. We would like the option in the future to expand our dog kennels between the main building and garage, and increase the number of Catios for limited stays until the animals are adopted, or fostered out to families. With Your Help...

We never want to lose our roots; and preserving our homey, rural, and family approach to animal welfare is important to us. But, by expanding our facilities in these ways, we could become a much more active, professional, and robust community partner.

With your help, we could add these programs and make many other important improvements. Won't you help? You can begin donating TODAY! On December 10th, thousands of people will come together to support nonprofit organizations just like ours. When you donate to Intermountain Humane Society, you're helping us to serve, educate and inspire our community to advance the welfare of animals, elevate their value in society, and improve peoples lives through the unique benefits that only pets can provide.

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