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Success Story - 2016 Cause For Paws!

Photos by Alyse Nothingham Cause For Paws cutout by Larson girls Dozens of volunteers worked on the 2016 Cause for Paws and it was bigger and better than ever! We kept some things, like the awesome Kicked to the Curb band and the location of Twin Forks Tavern. NEW FACES We did new things including an incredibly popular Wine Pull! We had a lot of new faces at the event which is always encouraging and fun! Two of the new faces were Rachel's Creations Face painting who donated half of her proceeds to IMHS and made us all look great; and PetsMart. PetsMart, Youngsfield location, brought us carts and carts of donated food and goods and then decorated the dogs and some people in atten

Harness vs. Choke Collars

Walking your dog daily is vital to their overall health and your relationship. But if your dog pulls or lunges during your walk, it does not make for a pleasurable experience. So how do we solve the problem? Well, there are a few choices, including head collars, no pull harnesses, choke, prong & electric collars. Head collars and harnesses are two effective and humane options for teaching your dog to walk well on a leash. However there are many people that use choke & prong collars. Punitive training techniques hurt dogs psychologically and physically and so do some pieces of equipment. From a medical perspective, the anatomy of your dog’s neck is exactly the same as yours, so too much press

Sundance and Shadow… Transformed by Freedom!

When the IMHS kennels aren't full, the staff commonly looks for dogs at overcrowded shelters who might not have much of a shot at life. Such was the case with Sundance and Shadow. While Labrador retrievers are considered highly adoptable, this pair had a few special circumstances that caused them to get overlooked by adopters time and time again. And, at some of these shelters, being overlooked for too long can be a very bad thing. The first strike against these boys was simply their age. They were about 9 years old, and many people don’t see the many advantages of adopting senior dogs. Strike number 2 was that they were bonded to each other, as they had been together their whole lives. For

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