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Hot Ticket Coupon for the month of May at the Thrift Store

Have you gotten your coupon yet? Right now, until the end of May, grab a coupon at the shelter office or any IMHS event to save BIG! We've got a lot of FRESH Spring items so don't delay. The shopping is fun, easy and is THE way to support the shelter. Did you know that our 2nd Chance Thrift Store is the number one revenue for the animals and programs for our shelter? So, every time you purchase something at the store you help save a life!

Business Partner of the month--A Borgata--get ready for the BorgataFEST 6/3

Come in to A Borgata and ask what the IMHS discount is! Then come out to the a Borgata Fest on 6/3 to see all the fun in the Safeway Center parking lot. IMHS will be on hand selling our merch and Safeway reloadable gift cards to support the shelter. The Fest may end at 3pm or later but the big time to be there is by 1:45 to buy the last remaining raffle tickets for the big drawing at 2pm!

Gaye Poppe is the May Volunteer of the Month

The volunteer of the month is someone very special at IMHS. When I first met Gaye she was very warm and friendly to talk to. Gaye began walking dogs at the shelter. As she became more familiar with the volunteers and staff, she signed up to do more things like fundraisers, adoption events, and committees. She even got her daughter Claire and grand kids involved. Gaye is married to Bruce and they have three daughters, Claire, Jill and Beth and five grandchildren. One of her granddaughter's is going to be a veterinarian. Isn't that great? Gaye is a most wonderful person. She has done so much for IMHS. Gaye has dedicated this past year to helping the shelter. She recently bought and do

Membership Fellowship--35th Anniversary Par-tay!

IMHS will host the annual night of membership fellowship, called the May Membership Meeting, 5/16 at 6pm at the Elk Creek Fire Station on Blackfoot Road in Conifer. This is a BIIIIG deal for us since we are a membership organization. Every year, at the monthly board meeting in May, ALL of the members are encouraged to attend to renew their support for IMHS and get a year in review report from the Board and Staff. This year will be bigger than ever and the presentation will include a lot more detail especially about what the goals and plans are for the future of IMHS. Instead of just the President doing all of the talking--boring!--each committee chair and the board members and some staff wil

'Cheeto' finds a happy home!

Every day we hear success stories. This month we were lucky enough to get all the info on our favorite tri-pod kitty from his adoptive mom Peggy in an email with lots of photos. We love these stories and encourage all of you to keep them coming! Here's what Peggy wrote: "I kind of fell in love with Cheeto once he became friendly. 'Sheaffer' came home with me on March 30th. I named him after my favorite singer/songwriter, Todd Sheaffer and told my boyfriend, John, that it was his birthday present one day early . We kept him in our office for a couple of days, letting him settle in and the other fur kids (two Golden Retrievers and two older girl kitties) get used to his smell. He hid much

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