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What constitutes animal abuse and neglect?

We’ve all seen those stories, the ones that make us cringe and gape in awe at how cruel human beings can be toward the animals under their care. It is devastating to see hear about these acts and even harder to witness them with our own eyes. More and more people across the country are moving towards rescuing or adopting in various ways. Even some large pet stores are bringing in shelter animals instead of getting them from breeders. So it makes sense that more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of the treatment of animals, even those right next door. This awareness sparks a new question for many people, what exactly constitutes abuse and neglect? We all want to see the best for

Volunteer of the month: Chelsea Parks

Our volunteer for the month of January is Chelsea Parks. She's a senior in high school and plans on taking a gap year after graduation but is keeping her options open with CSU. Chelsea has been a faithful volunteer and trustworthy dog walker for IMHS for a couple of years. We love working with students and they are an integral part of IMHS. It gives them responsibility and helps them in developing skills for later in life or college applications. As always, our sponsor of the Volunteer of the Month Appreciation Program is the Alamo Movie Drafthouse in Littleton Colorado. Thank you for sponsoring us and giving our recipient 2 tickets! Please thank them for sponsoring us: https://drafthous

We LOVE our IMHS Volunteers Appreciation Party!

If you are a volunteer, or helped IMHS as a member or donor in the last year, or have serious interest in getting involved with IMHS…’re invited…..please come to have dinner & celebrate with us! Our first annual Volunteer Appreciation Party will be held: Saturday, February 11, 2017 5:00 – 7:00 PM 11993 Blackfoot Rd Conifer, CO 80433 (Elk Creek Fire Station at Richmond Hill Rd) IMHS has been around the community since 1982 (that’s 35 years!) and operates daily without any government funding. Except for a slim number of paid staff (who also help while “off the clock”), we rely on volunteers and contributions from the community. In 2016 alone, IMHS adopted out almost 600 dogs and c

Miss Molly

I'd like to tell everyone about a very special dog who deserves a special home. Molly came to IMHS in October 2016. She came here with her sister, Dolly. Her sister, Dolly was adopted within a few weeks, but Molly was not so lucky. Molly and Dolly were raised on a farm and lived in the barn full time until their owner was deployed. He brought them to Denver Dumb Friends League in hopes they would get a new home and then left for his deployment. On October 17 2016, these two girls were transferred up to our beautiful mountain area to Intermountain Humane Society (IMHS) in Pine Colorado. The two girls were quite shy, but within a couple of weeks of being at IMHS, they were coming out of their

Local Girl Scouts choose IMHS

We are the 285 girl scouts! Troops 61187 and 62064. Basically any girl who is a girl scout in Bailey will be part of our troops. We have one troop that originates out of Deer Creek Elementary and one out if Fitzsimmons middle school. The girls have voted IMHS the Hometown Hero for our cookie season. At the end of our cookie season, which will be March 12th, we will gather up all the cookies and bring them to IMHS. The hometown heroes program is a way for people who don't want to buy cookies for themselves but want to support our troop and IMHS. So, if you dear reader, are going to buy GS cookies this year, please buy it from our local girls and support IMHS at the sa

Giving In Uncertain Times

You see needs in the news everyday. No one knows what may happen next and you may feel scared or torn about where to give your limited donations. At the end of the day, everyone wants to feel good and that they did good. Even if it is just a little, that little bit will make all the difference in the life of another. For you, it will help you sleep at night, stay sane, be engaged in your world and optimistic for the future. Giving locally is always a great idea. Giving to your community organizations, such as IMHS, has rewards for you and the whole community. Giving to IMHS helps your neighbor in ways you may not realize. Your donation to IMHS gives people in the community jobs. It gets ani

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