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Dumping costs IMHS money

A plea to our wonderful loyal supporters. Does anyone have a way to help us dispose of a very large TV that was illegally dumped at the shelter? As we are now the de facto owners of this item WE will have to PAY to dispose of it. We are so hoping someone can help us be rid of this without taking money from the dogs and cats we serve. Dumping at anytime is a hardship to IMHS as we don't have volunteers or space for anything other than what we have posted at the Thrift Store. In the case of TVs like this, no one wants them and it costs $100 and up to dispose of, besides that we'd rather spend our time and money taking care of the animals and doing outreach to the community! All donations of

IMHS Thrift Store's Christmas in July is bigger and better than ever this year! 7/15-16

Every year the hardworking vols at the Thrift Store, IMHS' main source of revenue to save our cats and dogs, hosts a big sale and party in the parking lot. The sale is 7/15 and 7/16/17 and our entire store will 1/2 off for the weekend!! Additionally, we'll have a BBQ cookout fundraiser and adoption event on the 16th from 1-4pm. We will need extra volunteers that weekend, especially Sunday afternoon--the regular thrift store staff can't do all of this--and it would be great if some kids would make signs and help flag folks off of 285 to get out of the weekend traffic and stop by to experience all that IMHS has to offer the community.

Volunteers of the Month: Ken and Carol Haykus

This month’s 'Volunteer of the month' is the wonderduo Ken and Carol Haykus! Ken and Carol have been loyal volunteers for IMHS for nearly a decade and we love them! Over the years they have filled just about every role a volunteer can fill, caring for cats, walking dogs, fostering and even transportation they have done it all! Right now we are especially grateful for their help in our long haul transportation, these trips are critical for so many animals and Ken and Carol are invaluable for doing them. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you Ken and Carol! They chose the movie tickets from our partners Alamo Movie Drafthouse in Littleton.

IMHS at the annual Molly Dharma Run

What a great time we had at the annual Molly Dharma Run this year 6/11/17. We represented IMHS with some volunteers for the event. Not only did the event raise money for a local animal shelter (Planet Pet) but riders and party goers had a blast doing it. (Molly Dharma Run honored IMHS in the past.) We came away with four Dog/Cat Isolation Units generously donated by Snyder Manufacturing in Denver. They manufacture isolation units for the veterinary hospitals, clinics and shelters around the world. These four units are a godsend to us for converting our old office into our new Cattery. This allows us to get up and running with a minimal

Fireworks and Fire ban

JeffCo Fireworks Facts; Fireworks Scare Dogs While they’re fun for humans, the loud, unexpected sounds of fireworks cause stress and anxiety for a lot of dogs. Before July 4th rolls around, here are some things to know about why your dog gets anxious and what you can do to help. Your dog has keen senses that make fireworks a more intense experience. Your dog’s acute hearing makes him more sensitive to the sounds of fireworks than you are. During fireworks, your dog experiences the same kind of startled response you do when you’re surprised by a loud noise. This may mean an increase in heart rate, a rush of adrenaline, and an increase in stress hormones circulating through the body. For your

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