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Volunteer of the Month: Lindsey Marsh

Lindsey Marsh began volunteering for the shelter over a year ago when she became a night time dog walker. Every Wednesday night she and sometimes her husband, became regular dog walkers. At some point Lindsey then got into volunteering for more events like adoptions and fundraising. Her background was perfect as she is a wedding planner for the Deer Creek Valley Ranch Event Center. Lindsey became the Chairperson of the Fundraising Committee and has done so much to help raise money for IMHS. She was instrumental in creating our first ever Trails for Tails Hike-A-Thon at Staunton State Park

on July 23rd, 2017.It was a wonderful event and will become an annual fundraiser as it brought in $6156

in donations! Lindsey is such a sincere person with a great love for animals. She has worked tirelessly to help make IMHS a better rescue shelter. Lindsey will soon be leaving the team because she and her husband will soon be moving back to Florida where they both have family. For me, I've enjoyed the hours we spent together outside the King Soopers or at many fundraising events we have throughout the year. The next time you see Lindsey make sure you thank her for her dedication and hard work in making our shelter just that much better for all her efforts.

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