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Dumping costs IMHS money

A plea to our wonderful loyal supporters. Does anyone have a way to help us dispose of a very large TV that was illegally dumped at the shelter? As we are now the de facto owners of this item WE will have to PAY to dispose of it. We are so hoping someone can help us be rid of this without taking money from the dogs and cats we serve. Dumping at anytime is a hardship to IMHS as we don't have volunteers or space for anything other than what we have posted at the Thrift Store. In the case of TVs like this, no one wants them and it costs $100 and up to dispose of, besides that we'd rather spend our time and money taking care of the animals and doing outreach to the community! All donations of time or money accepted.

(This video has been shared with the all of the local mountain pages and viewed almost 5000 times but we have not identified the culprit. The ParkCo Sheriff's office is involved and if the person can be determined they will be fined.)

Click here to see video:

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