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Miss Molly

I'd like to tell everyone about a very special dog who deserves a special home. Molly came to IMHS in October 2016. She came here with her sister, Dolly. Her sister, Dolly was adopted within a few weeks, but Molly was not so lucky. Molly and Dolly were raised on a farm and lived in the barn full time until their owner was deployed. He brought them to Denver Dumb Friends League in hopes they would get a new home and then left for his deployment.

On October 17 2016, these two girls were transferred up to our beautiful mountain area to Intermountain Humane Society (IMHS) in Pine Colorado. The two girls were quite shy, but within a couple of weeks of being at IMHS, they were coming out of their shell. Dolly was adopted early November while Molly’s quest for a new home continued. We are almost certain she is house trained as she has never messed in her area. She rarely barks and she is very respectable of people and her stuff. She is a favorite at the shelter. We are not sure if she doesn't like other dogs or if she is just jealous since they get adopted before her. Then on Saturday January 28, 2017, Molly was 'adopted' on a try out. We were all so excited and kept our fingers crossed. IMHS is one of the only shelters that does try outs. This is such an important feature of giving a dog or cat a better chance for a successful permanent home. A trial at home gives everyone a chance to see if the family and the animal are the perfect fit.

The next day, Sunday January 29, while the family was moving items in and out of their house, crafty Molly sneaked right on out the door. When I heard she escaped, I headed over to the area. While driving around, I met three other people, staff and volunteers, also looking for Molly. It was so enlightening seeing all these people helping. Then I saw Sandy, the shelter supervisor and I was happy about that because Molly really knows her. We kept hearing of sightings, but by the time we got there, she was no where to be found. Then we spotted her, but she ran. Luckily, just before dark while searching, Molly came up behind Sandy and was smelling her leg. Sandy turned, Molly stayed and even wagged her tail. After Sandy secured Molly, we thought it best to bring her back to IMHS where it is familiar to her and she could get a good night's sleep. I am amazed at how dedicated the staff and volunteers of IMHS are with their care for these rescue dogs. Molly's adoption story will have to wait for another day. Please come meet her and see if you can provide the special home she needs.


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