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Giving In Uncertain Times

You see needs in the news everyday. No one knows what may happen

next and you may feel scared or torn about where to give your limited donations.

At the end of the day, everyone wants to feel good and that they did good. Even if it is just a little, that little bit will make all the difference in the life of another. For you, it will help you sleep at night, stay sane, be engaged in your world and optimistic for the future.

Giving locally is always a great idea. Giving to your community organizations, such as IMHS, has rewards for you and the whole community. Giving to IMHS helps your neighbor in ways you may not realize. Your donation to IMHS gives people in the community jobs. It gets animals off the street and into good homes. It gives your neighbor food for their animal so they don't have to by-pass their prescription medication. It gives anyone and everyone a place to get counseling on what will be best for their pets. Giving to IMHS also helps those working in other shelters near and far who, every day, have to euthanize animals as part of their job, to not have to do that today, not for this animal we rescued and brought to IMHS to be part of our local community.

Honestly, donating your time and money to IMHS does not solve the Syrian refugee crisis or cure cancer. We know that. We know that you have other places that demand attention and donations from you. But we also know that the love of an animal can get someone struggling with cancer through their day. We know that contributing to your local shelter and getting involved is something that matters and something that you can do here. It is something that is not over-whelming but makes you focus on what is possible and the good in the world. It is being the change you want to see in the world. It is optimism and empathy. It is an investment in yourself, your future and is your hope for the future. IMHS believes that how one treats animals is the best indication of one's humanity. It is a chance for you to be the person your dog or cat already think you are.

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