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Membership Fellowship--35th Anniversary Par-tay!

IMHS will host the annual night of membership fellowship, called the May Membership Meeting, 5/16 at 6pm at the Elk Creek Fire Station on Blackfoot Road in Conifer.

This is a BIIIIG deal for us since we are a membership organization. Every year, at the monthly board meeting in May, ALL of the members are encouraged to attend to renew their support for IMHS and get a year in review report from the Board and Staff.

This year will be bigger than ever and the presentation will include a lot more detail especially about what the goals and plans are for the future of IMHS. Instead of just the President doing all of the talking--boring!--each committee chair and the board members and some staff will all be taking turns talking about their focus of energies at IMHS.

We'll have all of our merch for sale as well as the raffle tickets too with snacks and drinks and desserts! Per our by-laws we need to have at least 10% of our membership in attendance so we'll be taking attendance, checking your membership and can sell or renew it there too. But don't let all this talk about "membership meeting" scare you away. It really is an awesome time to get everyone together to celebrate all that we did in the past year and get you fired-up for our upcoming busy season of fundraising and events! This year is extra special since it is our 35th anniversary too and we'll be living it up!

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