​Foster Homes

We are always looking for responsible foster homes to provide care to animals that require special behavioral or medical care, mothers nursing their babies, babies that lost their mother, or animals that may need a temporary break from the shelter. In general, that ranges from a few days to a few weeks.


Foster volunteers not only save lives, but they also prepare pets for the best life possible.


Foster Homes are most often needed for:

  • Adult Dogs

  • Pregnant or Nursing Momma Dogs

  • Puppies (usually between newborn-10 weeks old) 

  • Pregnant or nursing Momma Cats

  • Kittens (usually between newborn-8 weeks old)


Foster homes are supplied with food, kennels, dog houses, bedding, litter boxes, bowls, toys, and leashes as needed.


Foster homes must commit to getting pets to the shelter on a weekly basis for exams, vaccinations, vet appointments, or spay/neuter drop-offs.


Fosters are encouraged to attend IMHS off-site adoption events with their foster animal.


Foster homes must commit to working with pet behavior and training issues as they arise.

Note! PACFA (The government agency which regulates animal welfare agencies in Colorado) now requires all foster homes to have routine inspections. Fosters will be inspected on an annual basis by an appointed shelter representative.

If you think you can provide a foster home for an animal, please complete our on-line Foster Care Application.