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Happy Holidays from IMHS!

As 2017 comes to a close, IMHS is once again thanking our community and asking for continued support. We've accomplished a lot this year, but there are always more animals to save and new ways for us to be a resource in our community.

We have great plans for 2018, and we need your help to see them through. We still have a long-term goal of getting a new, bigger, better shelter facility. Our shorter term need for funds will allow us to continue to help the many special animals that come through our doors, and introduce new programs to help our community.

We’d like to:

Increase the use of microchips for pets in our community.

Young Circe is never letting Pumpkin out of his sight gain. Thank goodness he had a microchip!

Just ask the Fafner family how important this is. When the family arrived at the shelter, they had smiles on their faces but it was obvious some of them had been crying over their missing cat. If not for Pumpkin’s microchip, the family may never have been reunited with their loving cat, and one more pet would have entered the shelter system.

And once home, no way was this guy getting away again!

Continue our special needs animal programs.

Bambi, a very special kitty looking for a home

We want to give these animals the time they need to become adoptable. Just check out little Bambi. She has been with us since 2014 because she has some special needs. A lot of other shelters would have turned her away or euthanized her, but we know that someone in our community is the right person to take care of her. And for now, Bambi is pretty happy getting lavished with attention from our staff and volunteers.

Magnolia - from Texas to Colorado to get cured from heartworm

In addition to helping locally, IMHS is proud to let you know that we teamed up with a local vet to bring some Texas animals to Colorado due to Hurricane Harvey. Magnolia will be done with her heartworm treatment in just a couple of weeks and would love to be part of an active home with lots of cuddling available.

Applications for Magnolia are now being accepted!

Honor our senior pets.

Senior Lucy Lou and her new Pom pal

When we heard about Lucy Lou, a large senior gal languishing in a New Mexico shelter, surrendered by her humans when they got a puppy (don’t get us started on that one!) we just couldn’t say no. We brought her to IMHS and worked hard to find her the perfect home.

And we know her new family will love her forever!

Sweet senior kitty Tats, now called Embers

And poor twelve year old kitty Tats (now called Embers for her glowing personality) came to us with a mouth full of dental problems and a need for love. We gave her a soft place to land, took care of her teeth, and are happy to let you know that she was adopted by one of the cat care volunteers who has been in love with her for some time.

Twelve isn't that old for a kitty - as cats can often live till the age of twenty - so please pay attention to those older pets in need of a forever home.

It takes extra long when the animal is a senior, but IMHS is committed to finding the best adopters for each and every unique animal.

Create more enrichment programs for our pets.

Max, an unfocused wild beast of a dog, might not have become adoptable were it not for his time spent in our agility program, which helped him focus enough to learn how to behave.

It doesn't matter what breed they are, or what size they are, they all seem to have a great time with learning new activities and being surrounded by volunteers who would like nothing more than to teach them new skills to make them more adoptable.

We hope to add more equipment, and start some scent training for those dogs that aren't interested in the agility course. Thanks, as always, goes to the Burdens for their use of the barn which makes this all possible!

But what about the cats? Well, they aren't going to the agility course, but they finally have their own free roaming cattery for lots of playtime and interaction. Much more fun than being confined!

Check out this 360 video - click inside the video and move your mouse around to see the whole cattery!

Grow our volunteer base.

When you volunteer with IMHS, you are likely to gain more than you give. According to one of our vols, "I learned to open up my thoughts and how to love way beyond what I thought I could... Being there has made me a stronger and better person." Per one of our newest volunteers, "IMHS is different. I love feeling like I can make a difference." And on top of this - we have FUN - check out this group from our Trails-for-Tails fundraiser.

Trails-for-Tails fundraiser

We work so hard every day to give these animals the best possible life – and while we focus on the animals – won’t you help focus on our future? As the only animal shelter between Golden and Buena Vista, IMHS relies on entirely on your support. We receive no government funding at all. Come help us. Get involved and make a difference in the lives of this community, including your own!

Can the animals in need count on you? Donating is easy! If you are into paper, feel free to send a check to P.O. Box 1250, Conifer, CO 80433. For online donations, take your pick. Many folks like the option of participating in Colorado Gives Day, and others prefer Network For Good. And as always, donations are accepted via our website.

Please stay updated with our news by liking and following us on our Facebook page!

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