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Bambi... A Shelter Favorite!

The Season of Giving is upon us!

As you consider who you would like to help this year, we ask you to consider us!

We're a small rural animal shelter with a big heart. We operate solely on the generosity of the community and we're working hard to gain your trust and support. So, if animal welfare is a part of your big heart, we would love to tell you one of our favorite stories about how your donations can directly help us save the lives of cats and dogs.

Bambi is a name that might be familiar to many people in our community.

Bambi was brought to Intermountain Humane Society (IMHS) in March of 2014 with her mother and siblings. They were surrendered due to financial problems and an inability to properly care for them. While Bambi was a happy and friendly kitten, she suffered from a genetic deformity where her spine was twisted and she had very little use of her back legs. The shelter staff knew this kitten was special and she had found safe haven here at IMHS.

Bambi stayed with us for the next four years...

Community donations are critical to our ability to provide Bambi and many like her all the right resources for a healthy and happy life. Intermountain is a limited intake shelter, we never euthanize for space or time spent with us. Bambi spent the next three years in loving foster homes, being checked regularly by our vet, Dr. Palmini, who helped us work through her intestinal issues caused by the deformity. She needed a certain diet and digestive enzymes to be maintained in order to stay regular and IMHS was able to provide that for her thanks to our supporters.

In December of 2016 Bambi needed to return to the shelter. She quickly became a superstar and took over the shelter’s lobby area. She would often spend her days scooting around with shelter staff, sunbathing by the window and burrowing into blankets, coats, sometimes even bags left on the floor! She was still a small cat, but with the love and kindness she experienced at the Intermountain shelter, she flourished into one of the biggest personalities we have ever cared for!

Over the course of 2017, Bambi worked her magical charm on the shelter’s volunteer photographer. She would pose like any talented star and show off her beautiful face to the world. Finally, in May of 2018 the magic paid off and Bambi was adopted by that very volunteer who had grown to love our little handicapped kitty. She had found her forever home with a new best forever friend who now benefits from her charms daily.

Without your generosity...

We may not have had the resources to feed, house and care for Bambi until her perfect forever home became available! There are many like Bambi and we need YOU to help us sustain this legacy of love and care for all the animals in need that walk through our doors. Bambi is just one story among thousands more over the past 35 years that have found a safe place and loving homes through Intermountain Humane Society it is our goal to continue caring for many more animals in need for many more years to come.

On December 4th...

Consider supporting the Intermountain Humane Society on Colorado Gives Day on December 4th. Your generous donation will help us continue this life saving mission of safeguarding, rescuing, sheltering, rehabilitating, adopting out, and advocating for animals in need.

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