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It's a Twofer!

In December of 2015, Mark G. and his cat Petunia suddenly found themselves ‘dog-less’ after the passing of 15-year old Bodie, a very, very sad time for all. For those dog lovers who have found themselves in this situation, we all know it’s not easy. After a couple of months of tortured loneliness, Border Collie puppy Max was adopted as the latest family member, and was good company for both Mark and Petunia.

While Mark was still looking to adopt another Border Collie, something about Jake’s picture

kept him coming back to the IMHS website over and over. When the video of Jacob at the IMHS agility ring surfaced, his passing interest suddenly became real. Mark and his girlfriend went to a local adoption event to meet Jake, who was even more handsome than in his pictures….and oh my, that beautiful swishy goofy tail and handsome face, who could resist! While Jake was a bit timid at first, Mark immediately recognized his potential and knew he needed to bring this boy home to join the family.

However, just as Mark was smitten by Jake, his girlfriend Kim K was head over heels in love with another IMHS pooch, Cookies and Cream. “CC” as she was known at the shelter, was famous for her sweet and easy going personality. Choosing between dogs – especially when both family members are feeling that instant connection - is challenging, and I’m happy to report that they rose to that challenge by adopting both! While “CC” needed a bit more time at the shelter to take care of some medical issues, Jake was able to go home right away and join the family.

And what’s life like now for everyone? Well, thanks to Mark’s experience in taking things slow when introducing new dogs into the home, things are great!

Once all three dogs were comfortable with each other, it’s been “nothing but matted dog fur ever since.” Jake has become Mark’s shadow, and is also takes his responsibility of keeping the yard clear of birds very seriously. Chilled out “CC”, now known as Molly, is responsible for keeping the couch warm, cuddling with Mark, and being in charge when all three dogs are playing together. Which, according to Mark, is just about all the time.

IMHS is overjoyed that this new family was made by adopting two dogs from our shelter. A special thanks to Mark and the family for knowing the proper way to introduce new shelter dogs into a home with existing pets to ensure this happy ending. Thinking of adding a new furry family member to your home? IMHS has lots of tips and tricks to help make the transition easier to everyone!

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