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Paying it forward--with cans

Thank you IMHS aluminum can donators! You all have been so wonderful bringing your empty cans to our shelter so that we may collect the recycling monies for our animals.

In preparation for the upcoming fire season we need every square inch of our property to be ready to go in a moment’s notice. We have evacuation and transportation equipment staged and easily accessible. Unfortunately this does not leave us any room for collecting cans.

We felt this is a perfect opportunity to pay it forward. We would love you all to keep collecting those cans and donate them to the Elk Creek, North Fork, Inter Canyon

or Pine Fire Departments. They all have collection bins. These men and women have been and will continue to be our heroes, so lets help them with their can collection.

Thank you again for always being there to support IMHS and our Volunteer Fire Fighters. We truly have a wonderful caring community.

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