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Volunteer of the Month for March: Susan Lee

Susan's tireless efforts all around the shelter don't go unnoticed. She does so much for IMHS each and every week.

Susan Lee came to Colorado after her husband, Chuck, was promoted in his company. Susan retired from her job as an administrative assistant at a large law firm in Chicago.

Susan like most retirees needed a new vocation in her life. She loves dogs and has always had 1-3 dogs as her pets, especially Chihuahuas. Susan began to volunteer in November of 2015. She walked dogs and cleaned cat cages. She then began getting involved with just about everything else at the shelter from transports to pet adoption events to fund raisers. Susan became a Volunteer Ambassador and now is at the shelter most Mondays and Wednesdays. She trains new volunteers, works at almost every dog adoption event, does cat and dog transports, and so much more.

Susan has been a blessing at supporting IMHS and rescuing our precious animals. Her husband, Chuck, has also been recruited to help and we want to thank him as well. Susan adopted one of our Chihuahuas to add to her other 2 dogs. All in all, Susan's move from Chicago has been a huge gain in the lives of the animals and people at the shelter. She is well-liked by the staff and the other volunteers she works with. Thanks Susan and you are our Volunteer of the Month.

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