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February Volunteer of the Month

Lisa Hoffman has been chosen as our Volunteer of the Month for Feb 2017! Lisa has been a stellar volunteer Volunteer Coordinator which means she was working full time at her own career as a realtor with Berkshire Hathaway and doing the work of a volunteer coordinator for IMHS as a volunteer. Most shelters have paid staff because it is such demanding work. We tried for over a year to make this arrangement work and it was just not possible. So Lisa kindly stepped aside for Nancy Parks to take over as staff on this.

Lisa continues to work on fundraising events for IMHS as well as sponsor IMHS as the graphics donor on our van and she planned, organized and led a heckuva fun Volunteer Appreciation Party on 2/11. For her efforts Lisa is honored as the Volunteer of the Month for February. She chose to receive the Alama Movie Drafthouse tickets.

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