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December 2016 Volunteers of the Month

Please help us in honoring the Faraco-Hadlock family! Their son Nicholas has been helping us foster kittens for a long time and now the whole family has pitched in and done an amazing job with Storm and her nine puppies! Pictured is Nicholas along with his mom and dad Greta and Mark, and his sister Amelia. Such a large litter is a daunting experience even for the most weathered foster homes and this family took it on like champs. They have returned to us healthy, well socialized and happy puppies that are now going through the next phase of their little lives. We know that they spent many sleepless nights tending to the care of these little ones and their very timid mother and we can’t thank them enough for all that time and hard work. As always, our volunteer of the month gets tickets to our sponsor for this program: the Alamo Cinema Drafthouse in Littleton.

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