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'Tis the Season for End of the Year Giving!

IMHS has had a big year of increased presence and fundraising and we thank each and everyone who has given their time, talents, and resources in 2016. We have a lot of needs to end the year strong and you have a lot of options in ways to give to get those EOY taxable donations in. First is Colorado Gives Day on 12/6. So, give to IMHS as part of the Give Where You Live Campaign. Thanks to all who have already scheduled their CGD donation! Secondly, we've recently sent out all of our paper and email appeal letters highlighting a bit of 2016 and what's coming in 2017. Please follow the options in it to give before 12/31 for your taxes. If you got a paper letter and wouldn't mind getting these appeals via email in the future, please write to to tell us to put you on the email only list and help us save time and money.

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