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Thrift Shop Kitty Finally Gets Her Second Chance

For any of you who frequent the IMHS Second Chance Thrift Shop, you’ve likely spent some time cuddling with the resident cats.

The cats who are selected to stay at the thrift store until their forever home is found are very special. They are often cats who have been in the shelter for a while – but haven’t gotten much attention from potential adopters. Maybe they’ve gone 'down the hill' to one of our adoption partners and didn’t get snatched up there. In any case, these cats need to be very calm. Between continually opening and closing doors, and the wide variety of people handling them, it takes a very special personality to be eligible to reside at the Thrift Shop!

Lyla, a 4-year-old chubby domestic long hair beauty, definitely fit the bill. She arrived at IMHS in June of 2015 during the height of kitten season, and while the kittens were all getting adopted, Lyla was getting ignored and increasingly unhappy with the lack of attention.

She loved to be handled, so up to the Thrift Shop she went! With volunteers monitoring her diet and giving her special food, Lyla began to trim down. She was clearly quite happy lounging around the store being lavished with attention by both customers and volunteers. And while it’s a pretty cushy life for a cat, it’s just the not the same as having a home and family of your very own. IMHS remains committed to finding forever homes for ALL the shelter cats – even those in foster care at the Thrift Shop.

We fast forward to July of 2016, and, oh my, Lyla had been with us for over a year! And that is just way too long! As part of our July 4th sale, Lyla was being offered for adoption at the patriotic rate of $17.76.

Now everyone knows the IMHS Second Chance Thrift Shop has some great bargains, but this one was a real steal. When Lynella R. of Bailey found out about the deal, her mind was spinning. She had been visiting Lyla once or twice a week for over a year and had always felt drawn to her. Lyla, with her combination of good looks and a rascally manner of play had Lynella hooked. However, with a non-cat-loving husband and a German Shephard pooch at home, she never thought it could work out. But since she had been in love with Lyla forever, this was just the chance to give it a try.

With tentative approval from husband Glenn, Lyla joined the family and easily won everyone over. Glenn, once comfortable that Lyla would be safe with their dog Guard, allowed himself to fall for her and easily now admits that he loves her! And Guard, well, he just adores her and sits with tail wagging in awed amazement at her when she plays with her toys. And at night, all four often end up in bed together for a great big family cuddle.

Lynella admits - getting "Missy Lyla Fluffpants" was one of the best deals ever – and she’s a perfect addition to their family. And that’s why it’s better to be in a forever home than to live in the Thrift Shop forever.

Feel free to stop by IMHS Second Chance Thrift Shop to visit our current chilled out feline cuties – Pogo and Sushi, who are both ready to go to forever homes!

Look for Pogo at the IMHS Thrift Shop

Sushi greets customers at the IMHS Thrift Shop

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