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Thank You, Darrel Bennett and Cathy Banks!

After almost seven years as the Second Chance Thrift Shop manager, Darrel Bennett has decided to retire from that position. Thankfully, he won't be leaving us behind. Darrel will continue to be the genius available to fix any items that need attention. Darrel, we so appreciate you!

Welcome Cathy Banks, the newly minted manager! Cathy is no stranger to the Thrift Shop as she has been with the shop for almost 7 years as well and has a lot of insight into what it takes to keep the store running. The job is a busy one, encompassing sorting donations, staging merchandise, pricing, customer care, and volunteer scheduling.

Cathy can always be found with a smile on her face. She knows that the lifeblood of the Thrift Shop is the dedicated volunteers and the countless hours they put in to keep the store humming. She gladly accepted the position and is committed to continuing Darrel's precedent of making every customer feel welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Happily, the store continues to turn a profit on a monthly basis. After all expenses have been met, the additional income helps the shelter provide the best care possible for the many furry ones who come through the shelter doors. Health care for the animals is our number one priority. Finding them "forever" homes is our number one goal.

Please support IMHS and check out the incredible items offered.

Store Hours: 10:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday

Phone: (303) 816-2471

Location: Above the IMHS Shelter on the top floor of the Log Building in Pine Junction.

Thanks to our community for their wonderful support of our store. Come visit us soon!

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