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August Volunteers of the Month

August's honorees for Volunteer of the Month actually goes to a family: the Glenn family.

This amazing team of cat and kitty fosters apparently don't like to sleep as for years now they've been doing newborn kittens and bottle feedings around the clock. While cat overpopulation is finally getting better in Colorado, you might not know it by the hours the Glenn's put in.

Jennie is their fearless leader and mom but all of the girls help: Dalton 14, Daisy 11, and Lulu 8, so all of the girls got tickets to the Alamo Movie Drafthouse Theatre in Littleton.

Also of note: Alamo Movie Drafthouse has been sponsoring our volunteer recognition program for all of 2016. We are seeking other sponsors of this program for 2017. If you have things you'd like to give to reward our vols with their amazing service, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Lisa Hoffman at

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