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Donation Spotlight - Vehicle Donation

Who says breaking up is hard to do?

No such thing as uncomplicated break-ups you say? I beg to differ. After 18 years together, IMHS made our parting easy and painless.

It was dark and windy the night Jimmy, my SUV, went lifeless on highway 285. The mechanic said $3500 to get him running again and although Jimmy and I had been together a long time we both knew that was a bigger commitment than we could make.

So I contacted my neighbor, a IMHS board member and asked if IMHS would accept vehicle donations. Within minutes she supplied a link and a phone number to begin the process.

It was simple, only took about 2 minutes to complete the form on line. Next day I received a follow-up call from the towing company and we set the date for pick-up.

I got a little sentimental as I was removing Jimmy’s license plates but we both knew it was the right thing for us.

Now I get a nice tax deduction and Jimmy transitions into his next life with purpose.


To donate your vehicle, fill out this online form or give us a call at (303) 838-2668.

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