Shelter Staff

Lacy Cook - Programs Director

Lacy has always loved animals and started her career while earning her degree in Animal Behavior. She interned with the Department of Defense and was quickly hired on to become a Military Working Dog trainer. Lacy spent almost 10 years breeding, raising, and training Belgian Malinois as certified patrol and detection dogs. Upon leaving Texas and moving to Colorado, she became a certified teacher and earned a Master's Degree in Science Education. After spending a decade as a teacher, Lacy has finally come full circle and is now the Programs Director for Intermountain Humane Society and Animal Shelter. She is excited to be back working with animals and educating others on the joys and responsibilities of owning pets.

Lacy and Pluto
Sandy Dugle - Shelter Manager

Sandy brings a lifetime of animal care experience to IMHS and has held almost every job title and played every role in the shelter's long history. She previously owned and operated a busy boarding facility in the area and truly puts the happiness and health of our animals first. It is through her tight bonds with other rescues far and wide that allows IMHS to bring in and help animals that otherwise may not have a chance. 

Ta Kia (Just one of Sandy's IMHS dogs)
Gemma Greer - Animal Care/Shelter Ops Associate
Gemma Greer

Gemma has been with IMHS for many years and brings her positive energy and joy to all of the animals in our care. She believes that although an animal may have a sad or abusive past, it is important not to dwell on that, but to focus on the happy, bright future they have waiting for them. The animals truly respond to her optimism and thrive in her care.

Kat Knudsen - Animal Care/Designer/Photographer/Social Media

Kat began her relationship with IMHS over 15 years ago when she moved to the area and popped in to look at cats (Being a proclaimed cat person and lifetime owner of cats...) but ended up taking home her first puppy. And just like that, she became a dog person, too. She soon volunteered to be an evening dog walker and continues to do so, but wanted to offer more of her creative talents to help the animals at IMHS. She is an avid mountain biker, hiker, snowboarder, and art lover that does whimsical painted pet portraits on a commission basis in her spare time.

Kat and Bea
Miranda Flores - Animal Care/Shelter Ops Associate

Miranda is the newest member of the IMHS family. She is a Pine Junction native and loves animals! She has always wanted to work with animals and now has a chance, caring for the dogs and cats at the shelter as well as making sure that each is placed in the perfect home by helping approve adoption applications and facilitate meet & greets. She provides counseling to new adopters before sending our furry residents to their forever homes.

Miranda and Blizzard