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Adoptable Dogs

The dogs below are currently available for adoption. Once you have identified the dog(s) that you would consider adopting, or if you'd simply like to have an application on file with IMHS, complete our on-line Dog Adoption Application.


Introducing a new dog into the household requires patience. Interactions with other pets, learning household routines and housebreaking may all be issues with adopted pets. We try to let new families know as much as possible about these pets, but we may not know every aspect of the pet's behavior and level of training. We ask that new guardians of adopted pets exercise the following:


  • Patience: Newly adopted pets can exhibit a wide variety of behaviors, from happiness to fear, excitability to inactivity. Give them time to adjust and learn to interact with family members and other pets in a controlled manner.

  • Caution: We try to find out as much as we can about these pets, but sometimes we cannot totally predict how dogs will behave with other pets (such as cats and small dogs), children and strangers. Please use adequate caution to make sure that your newly adopted pet is introduced to pets, children and new people under closely controlled circumstances.

  • Treat All New Dogs Like Puppies: You don't always get the perfect dog on the first day. Good dogs come from a culmination of training, love and patience. Don't assume that your new pet is completely trained in the ways of your household. Instead, assume that you need to provide housetraining and obedience training for your new pet. Most adult dogs learn these concepts very quickly. If you need help with this situation, please contact us for suggestions.


SPECIAL NOTE: IMHS is a limited-intake facility. Animal intake is done by appointment only. A behavior assessment will take place to determine if the animal is an adoptable candidate for IMHS. Call us at 303-838-2668 to make an appointment before bringing the animal to the shelter.

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