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Special Needs Pets

Special needs pets may have medical or behavioral issues that may require additional commitment on the part of the new family. If you are interested in a special needs pet, please call the shelter.


Feral Cats

IMHS is asked periodically to help with feral (untamed and wild) cats. We have funds by which to test these cats for FeLV and FIV (HIV-like cat viruses) and alter them. We cannot provide these services, however, unless the trapping party or someone else agrees to take these cats and provide food and water for them. If you have a need for an outdoor barn-type cat and can help, please let us know. There is no adoption fee, but donations to help cut costs are appreciated. Feral cats must enter the IMHS program by appointment only. Any cat brought in as a feral cat, but is really just a scared stray who is deemed adoptable will be placed into our standard adoption program.

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