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We Just Couldn't Do Without Our Volunteers!

Meagan Crump has been volunteering for Intermountain Humane Society and Animal Shelter in Pine, Colorado since March of 2019. Upon moving to our small mountain town, Meagan searched for something that would not only allow her the chance to work with animals, but also sought an opportunity that would help support her local community.

She quickly found us and signed-up to be a dog walker. Meagan finds that volunteering helps her fulfill her desire to not only care for animals in need, but that is also bolsters her healthy lifestyle. She states that the benefits of volunteering with the animals is akin to a type of therapy, helping her both mentally and physically.

In addition to volunteering at the main shelter, Meagan also fosters some of the long-term residents of Intermountain. She believes that the foster critters not only benefit from the relief of shelter life, but also realizes that the space not taken-up by a long-term animal may allow for more animals to have a chance at a better life.

Meagan has a big heart!

She has adopted 7 pets from shelters throughout her life and has fostered 3 animals in the last few months. She is a mainstay at Intermountain Humane Society on Thursday afternoons, where she walks, feeds, and cares for the canines at the shelter. Meagan is currently fostering another long-term resident and hopes that, with love and time, Meeka the cat, will find a forever home.

Meagan and her husband Elliot are currently the parent of four furry felines, having added two kittens to the family just this past month. Volunteers play a vital role within our organization. Without their support we would not be able to assist the number of animals who need help in our community.

If you are interested in joining our team, check out our Volunteer Page, contact us online, or stop by the shelter to meet our staff and find out how you can help. Training for IMHS volunteer positions is done on the job.

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