Volunteer of the month--Terry Knapp!

Terry Knapp is one of our young volunteers who started at IMHS this summer. Terry is a 15 year old, 10th grader at Conifer High School. He has 2 older brothers, one at Conifer High and the other is in the Air Force currently deployed, Our best wishes go out to him. He also has a very cute younger sister at West Jeff Middle School. She comes to the shelter with Angela, their mother, to pick up Terry. I am hoping when she gets old enough she, too, will join us for volunteering.

I have been able to get to know the family a little and I find them to be so kind and dedicated to each other. Terry is a wonderful volunteer. He comes 2 times a week after school. Terry helps take care of feeding the dogs and cats, clean the kennels, socialize and walk the dogs. Terry has given up a Saturday or two to even help us out at events such as Elevation Celebration and Busterfest. He is so willing to help. His mother told me that Terry loves the animals and volunteered to be able to spend time with them, He volunteered not only for that reason but to improve his work skills and develop his work ethics. WOW that is so impressive. I don't know too many teenagers that are that thoughtful. Terry has interest in engineering, electronics, robotics and of course video games. If his dedication to the shelter is any indication of his commitment I know that he will go far in whatever field he chooses in the future. But for now IMHS, the dogs and cats are benefitting from this young man's desire to help us in caring for animal rescues. Terry we are so glad that you chose us. Thanks for all your hard work. The volunteer of the month has a variety of awards to choose from our kind sponsors: StageDoor Theatre, Mad Jacks Mountain Brewery or Alamo Movie Drafthouse.

P.S. Volunteering at IMHS is a great way to get service hours and to look good to colleges. We will always happily write letters of recommendation to students who have devoted time to IMHS.

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