Misc news--be in the know!

We apologize for not sending out a newsletter in October so this November one is extra jam packed with stuff.

We are headed into the busy holiday season and our volunteers are strapped a bit thin. Can anyone help us finish off the year strong? We need at least 2 more folks in each committee of fundraising and marketing. We need help getting our calendar finished as well. We have a lot of events coming up and need folks to work the events and publicize them! (Please see our calendar page to see all that's coming up before the end of the year and there's even more coming!)

We are still interviewing for the Executive Director position but it is going slower than expected. Biggest help in this regard would be new Ambassadors to join the shelter team.

We are also recruiting for a volunteer from the EVERGREEN area to either join the board or at least a committee to then represent us at the Evergreen Chamber of Commerce Events. If you are already a chamber member, it would be a great new way to network. Please write to the board at bod@imhs.org if you are interested in this.

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