Fall is in the Air. Back to school. Back to volunteering for IMHS

Typically our busiest time for both events and gaining new, but temporary, volunteers is the Summer. We see a lot of families want to give their extra summer hours to us. Then when school starts we tend to lose volunteers. Breaking with tradition, this year we are hoping to get new volunteers who want to embrace that 'everything is possible/back to school' spirit!

Back to school time is a great time to get in the routine of doing something new. We are hoping the excitement in the air of Autumn and back to school brings out new engagement and involvement from folks like YOU! Students need volunteering time on their resume to show they are well-rounded for college. Some of our best vols are going off to college and we need to replace them. But what about you adults? You can be "well-rounded" too and give back to the community to feel good about yourself, meet new people and save more animals!

We are always looking for volunteers in any way imaginable both in and out of the shelter as well as the Thrift Store. Get back in the swing of things by pledging to honor us with your service at www.imhs.org for the application or talk to our volunteer coordinator Nancy Parks at volcoordinator@imhs.org and thank you. We promise we have FUN!

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