IMHS at the annual Molly Dharma Run

What a great time we had at the annual Molly Dharma Run this year 6/11/17. We represented IMHS with some volunteers for the event. Not only did the event raise money for a local animal shelter (Planet Pet) but riders and party goers had a blast doing it. (Molly Dharma Run

honored IMHS in the past.)

We came away with four Dog/Cat Isolation Units generously donated by Snyder Manufacturing in Denver. They manufacture isolation units for the veterinary hospitals, clinics and shelters around the world. These four units are a godsend to us for converting our old office into our new Cattery. This allows us to get up and running with a minimal amount of retrofitting work and no monetary outlay. Thank you both the Molly Dharma Run organization who put us in touch with Snyder Manufacturing and of course Snyder MFG!

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