January 13, 2020

January 4, 2020

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Gaye Poppe is the May Volunteer of the Month

The volunteer of the month is someone very special at IMHS. When I first met Gaye

she was very warm and friendly to talk to. Gaye began walking dogs at the shelter.

As she became more familiar with the volunteers and staff, she signed up to do

more things like fundraisers, adoption events, and committees. She even got her daughter Claire and grand kids involved. Gaye is married to Bruce and they have three daughters, Claire, Jill and Beth and five grandchildren. One of her
granddaughter's is going to be a veterinarian. Isn't that great?

Gaye is a most
wonderful person. She has done so much for IMHS. Gaye has dedicated this past
year to helping the shelter. She recently bought and donated coffee mugs,
reusable tote bags and water bottles for us to sell at our fundraising events and getting our logo and brand recognizable in the community.


she has done so much more.

Even after working all night at King Soopers she will
come join us when we sell King Soopers' Gift Cards at the Conifer Store. She is a terrific baker and always provides delicious baked goods for our sales.




As the Volunteer Coordinator I am so lucky and honored to be able to work with a

volunteer that is so sweet, thoughtful and kind. I can count on her for help

whatever it may be. Congratulations Gaye for being the Volunteer of the month.

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