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The Importance of the Microchip

For those of us that own pets, there are often several questions that we ask regarding the health, wellness, and responsible ownership of our animals. How often should I get my house cat vaccinated? Is flea and tick preven...

Life is a series of choices. Some of these choices are small and only affect the immediate future. Others are big and shape who and what each of us will become as we grow and move through life. For a young Allyse Nothstine, deciding to volunteer at Inte...

Imagine a life filled with uncertainty. Imagine having been struck by a vehicle and left on the side of the road. Imagine the reality of being infected with a parasite that would eventually take your life if left untreated. Now, imagine all of that chan...

We Just Couldn't Do Without Our Volunteers!

Meagan Crump has been volunteering for Intermountain Humane Society and Animal Shelter in Pine, Colorado since March of 2019. Upon moving to our small mountain town, Meagan searched for something that would no...

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