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Animal Services

Lost and Found Pets

To report a lost or found pet, please call the appropriate animal control agencies, shelters, and rescue groups listed below. You can also find contact information at


It is recommended that you place signs around where the pet was lost or found, in local stores, post offices, etc., and to post on on-line community sites (e.g.,,, and


IMHS maintains a Lost and Found Pet Log to aid in the reunion of pets with their owners. Finders who are unable to house a stray pet must first contact the Animal Control Division in the county where the pet was found to schedule a pick-up or drop-off.


IMHS can temporarily house stray animals found only in Park County and only if space is available. Although IMHS is unable to house stray animals found in other counties, we do work directly with local animal control agencies in the event a stray animal becomes available for adoption.


IMPORTANT: Local animal control agencies, shelters and rescue groups are required to hold stray pets for only five days. It is crucial that you contact all agencies and shelters in your area as soon as you have lost a pet. Many shelters process a large number of animals. Therefore, personal, regular visits to each shelter are highly recommended.


Animal Control & Government Agencies

Jefferson County Animal Control: 303-271-5070

Park County Animal Control: 719-836-4380

Colorado Wildlife Division: 303-297-1192

Microchip Your Pet

IMHS provides microchips for dogs and cats in the community. The microchip procedure is performed by appointment only at a cost of $25 per pet. Please contact IMHS (303-838-2668) to set up an appointment. 


To learn more about microchips and how they are used to find lost pets, please see the numerous information sites on-line like this one:

Pet Partners

Bissell's Partners for Pets

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